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QUIS? Who was this woman?

Can you identitfy the woman shown in this ancient photograph? If you can, let us know using the Comment facility on this website. Be quick because this series of quizzes has proved most popular and the air waves are buzzing!

Mata HariClues:

She had a stage name.

Her real surname was Scottish though she was born in Amsterdam.

She died young.

She might have been invented by John le Carré but wasn’t.

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  1. Mata Kucing June 19, 2013 at 1:17 pm - Reply

    This woman is the famous Mata Hari, but there are errors in your text: “Her real surname was Scottish though she was born in Amsterdam”. The Scottish name is that of her husband, her own surname was Zelle. She was born in Leeuwarden, not in Amsterdam.

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