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Who said it . . .?

This is another of those brief quizzes designed to keep your mind active. Please tell me who said these things in the form of a Comment. The last ‘Who said it?’ was masterfully won by David Williams on 7th March, 2014. The answer is W.C. Fields. Now think about these:

 “Why should people go out and pay to see bad movies when they can stay at home and see bad television for nothing?”

“Any man who goes to see a psychiatrist should have his head examined.”

“Pictures are for entertainment; messages should be delivered by Western Union.”

“That’s the way with these directors, they’re always biting the hand that lays the golden egg.’

“A verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it is written on.”

“Gentlemen, include me out!” (while resigning from something).

“I’ll tell you in two words – im possible.”

“We can always get more Indians off the reservoir.”

“We’ve all passed a lot of water since those days.”

“Elevate those guns a little lower!”

Field Marshal Montgomery visited America and our subject entertained him at an exclusive dinner party. When everyone was seated our subject beat time against a glass and announced,“Ladies and gentlemen, I propose a toast to Marshall Field Montgomery . . .”Another personality, seated nearby, cracked “Montgomery Ward, you mean . . .”

When one of his studio (CLUE) employees told our subject he was off to the Second World War as a volunteer, he said, “I’ll cable Hitler and tell him to shoot around you.”


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‘Dean Swift’ is a pen name: the author has been a soldier; he has worked in sales, TV, the making of films, as a teacher of English and history and a journalist. He is married with three grown-up children. They live in Spain.

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  1. Christian March 19, 2014 at 3:58 pm - Reply

    I have no idea and I won’t turn to Google to figure them out, but I love them ! They’ve made me laugh a lot, thanks !

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