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The sexiest cars in history

250 GTO /

250 GTO /

What makes a motorcar ‘sexy’? The design of course, possibly its top speed, its comfort, sometimes the luxury of leather seats. It is the car itself which is sexy, because actually having sex in it can be extremely uncomfortable. Here you can find a list of my personal choices.                                            

Jensen Interceptor (1960s British, huge American engine, 5 superbly comfortable leather seats, 144 mph: you can find a special article posted in this blog wriotten about the Interceptor).

Daimler SP 250 (2/4 seat sports, Daimler-Benz engine, only genuine sports car ever used by the British police on motorways to catch speedsters in ‘Jag Alley’ (the fast lane). Looked like a gasping fish; could easily reach 190 mph).

Jaguar ‘E’ Type (perhaps the sexiest car ever designed, 2 seats, monstrous engine – 155 mph, 85 mph in 2nd gear, late 1950s to 1970s, convertible or cabriolet versions. In the 1970s Jaguar introduced the ‘E’ Type with 12 cylinders and five forward gears, last an electric overdrive; very popular with Americans, Australians and Arabs)

Jaguar 3.8 (1950s and 60s, the fastest five-seat saloon Jaguar ever made, wood and leather inside plus cocktail cabinet, very much employed for back seat seduction made easy; had to be used by police on the new MI Motorway to catch other Jaguars)

Jaguar XK120, 140, 150 (1950s, 60s, early 70s, convertible or cabriolet; developed weakness in the knees in admiring ladies; very fast indeed. Engine developed from Le Mans-winning racing Jaguars)

Ferrari 456 GT (1992, body designed by Enzo Ferrari, engine by his team, the first Italian road car to combine Aston-style elegance with even more power, 4 seats)

Ferrari 250 GTO (1964, 2 seats only, 196 mph, developed entirely from racing, huge sales in USA where they called it ‘The Big Dick on Wheels’ (pictured above)

Bentley Continental (1950s and early 1960s, body by Mulliner, in the original James Bond books the heroe’s private car; enormous Bentley/Rolls engine of nearly six litres; much used for naughty dalliance by randy millionaires in the parking lots at Ascot while their horses  stampeded down the turf).

Dodge Charger (American, 1960s, 2+4 seats, wood steering wheel, enormous five-litre engine; chased by Steve MacQueen in the film Bullitt; 4 exhaust outlets, four-on-the-floor gears but drum brakes; the sexiest noise on the roads in America).

MercedesBenz 300 SL (1950s, 60s, gull-wing two doors, 2 seats, invariably grey metallic paint, 160 plus mph, concertible and sports saloon versions, about two miles to the gallon of petrol but if you could afford the car who cared?)

Ford Mustang (1950s, 60s, 70s, everybody loved the Mustang, with its 8-cylinder engine and four-on-the-floor gears. More US girls lost their prized virginity uncomfortably but remarkably quickly in this two-seater than you could ever believe. Even intellectual college majors (bluestockings rolled down) quickly succumbed in this car. In the film Bullitt, Steve MacQueen chased a Dodge Charger in a Mustang..

Aston Martin (thank God they still make them in England, when so many other fine cars have vanished off the roads. DB2/4, DB3, DB4, DB5, DB6, Volante etc. All are super sexy, super expensive and super fast. The movie James Bond’s favourite; originally made by David Brown Ltd., which also made tractors, like Lamborghini!

Lamborghini (this Italian company made and make very expensive, very sexy sports cars which make a lot of noise and still employ what appears to be a tractor’s gearbox. The car is not at all good-looking but allegedly makes the girls feel weak and in need of protection).

AustinHealey 100, 300 etc (1950s, 60s and 70s; the result of a fusion of ideas between Donald Healey and BMC, the mildly-priced, excellent little 2/4-seater sold magnificently in Europe, the Far East and of course the Americas for nearly 30 years. The car’s design was by the racing expert Healey, while the engine came from the successful Austin A90 Westminster saloon. One of the last versions used three carburettors. This sports car was very fast, but in the cabin your feet and legs could easily become as over-heated as the engine compartment. 4 forward gears plus overdrive 5th. A first-class choice for middle-income young Englishmen with vile intentions towards the weaker sex.

AC Ace (1950s, 1960s) This exceptionally sexy car had an engine by Bristol. It was later used as a basis for Carrol Shelby’s very special American version (the Cobra) with a perfectly monstrous Chrysler engine under the hood.

Sunbeam Tiger (1960s, this was a tiny two-seater with a massive 6-cylinder engine hidden away. It had a tendency to fall over a lot – too much power. Thousands of sexy girls lost something that should have been precious by association with this jet-propelled roller skate (or rather with its owner).

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