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Holocaust – the comments

Hundreds of comments have been posted on General-History following publication last year of the article on The Holocaust. Some comments are learnĂ©d, some are not. Many are openly anti-Semitic. A few show sympathy with the victims. Some question the figures quoted. Anyone can find out the figures for themselves simply by making enquiries in any office of records in any of the countries I am about to list, or simply asking for statistics in Tel Aviv. For those commentarists who claim the Holocaust did not actually happen one feels sorry for those who must endure life near them. (more…)

History of Estonia

Tallin /

Tallin /

Capital City: Tallin.
Prime Minister: Andrus Ansip.
Euro: officially adopted January, 2011.
Population: Nearly two million.
Currency: the Kroon.
Languages: Estonian and Russian.
International Organizations: EU (since 2004), United Nations, CSCE, North Atlantic Co-operation Council.


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