The end of the Church of England?

Carey ex.Archbishop of Canterbury confessed he 'had doubts about his Faith'

Carey ex-Archbishop of Canterbury confessed he ‘had doubts about his Faith’

All ends have to have a beginning, and the beginning of the end for the Church of England started at the beginning of the 20th century. The outrage had nothing to do with vicars, rectors, fathers, priests, vergers or even church wardens. A decision was made by the church hierarchy to sell off most of the parsonages, vicarages, deaneries – call them what you will, in the United Kingdom.

Previously, the Church of England had been the largest landowner in the UK. This was because not only did the church building itself (and often the land it was built on) belong to the Church, but its attendant graveyard as well, and, most importantly, the vicarage where the parson and his family (if he had one) lived, and the parson wrote (or copied) his sermons while his wife busied herself with the teacups.


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