Spanish Airports: Castles in the Air?

When we were very young, we occasionally heard adults sigh and say, “Of course it would be very nice to have a cottage in the country, but I fear it’s just a castle in the air.” We then knew that what our older and betters were dreaming of would never happen. In Spain, however, those dreamy castles in the air have become airports. And they have ‘happened’; forty-six of them. You name the city or large town, and you can be sure it either has a super-modern airport, or is in the process of building one.

In the Community of the Canary Islands there are eight airports, two of them on the island of Tenerife, north and south. La Gomera has a quite beautiful example of this monstrous public spending. In December, 2010, the Gomera airport processed 1,891 passengers, or an average of 67 passengers per day. In that month there were 121 ‘operations’ (landing or takeoffs). In terms of the whole year, there were 1,776. Freight to a total weight of 621 kilos was handled at La Gomera in December. During the year – 9,199 k. One airline uses Gomera Airport: Binter Canarias. The seagoing ferries, nationally-owned or private, whose executives may have been bothered by the building of an airport in La Gomera, need not have been. The sea ferries are just as packed with passengers, but go much faster, as they were and did before the airport was opened.


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