The History Behind Memorabilia from the American Civil War

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The History Behind Memorabilia from the American Civil War

The United States is one of those places in the world where freedom is not taken for granted. This does not mean we do not have our struggles trying to ensure that freedom is not taken for granted.

However, there are constant efforts by policymakers, law enforcement agents, and the public to make sure we all live free. This is why refugees from war-torn regions can come over and make something worthwhile of themselves over the years.

We have even seen some of them go on to become political administrators in this beloved nation of ours. This is a land that gives a chance to everyone regardless of tribe, color, religion; to make something reasonable out of life. It is the American dream!

However, it was not always like this. The freedom that America guarantees to everyone did not come on a platter of gold. It had to be fought for. By fighting, we mean literally warring to ensure people’s right to freedom was not threatened.

This is the story of the American civil war which will be discussed in this article. We advise everyone to keep reading as this is the ugly side behind the many civil war memorabilia that people are eager to see and have for themselves.

The Story Behind the American Civil War

There was a political and human rights undertone behind the well-told civil war that this country experienced between 1861- 1865. It broke out after dialogue yielded no result. This is considering how both warring parties could not/no longer make compromises.

It started with 7 states in the southern territory deciding to secede. Beyond their claims, they went ahead to seize military bases in their region. The reason was that they were opposed to the new president’s and administration’s stance on slavery.

The new executive administration under the leadership of Abraham Lincoln was bent on abolishing slavery in every part of the country. The northern region did not have so much of a problem with this, however, the same could not be said about many parts of the south. This is because they relied heavily on the activities of slaves to sustain their economy at that time. Especially seven states in these regions were not going to play by the federal government’s rule. As a result, they made visible plans to succeed.

Along the line, some 4 other states in this region joined the secessionist movement. But before then, all hell broke loose when these secessionist-driven states (known as the south or confederacy) attacked Fort Sumter. This is a part of South Carolina, and this act was the height of it for the other party (the North or the Union).

They came with their full wrath and attacked the military arm of the south or confederacy. However, many civilians lost their lives as well.

At the end of it all, the North, Union, or Federal Government as you might like to call them had the upper hand. This led to the abolition of the slave trade and slavery in every part of the country.

Although this did not bring an abrupt end to the racial prejudice African Americans (in particular) went through, it was a way to progress. For more on this subject, you can click here.

The Positive Effects of the American Civil War

The word “war” can be very frightening for many. This is because of the untold hardship and unpleasant memories it brings. However, some have changed the course of things for the greater good. One of such is the American civil war. So, we can all hold on to this positive fact every time we see civil war memorabilia. Some of the reasons for this include the following:

The Legal End to Slavery

African Americans went through a lot and are still going through a lot. However, things are better by the day. This is why people like Jesse Jackson could even attempt running for the presidency and Barack Obama winning it years later. However, the American Civil war was the road map to all of these. It also triggered the 13th amendment which is a breakthrough for human rights. In all sincerity, there were notable actions by people before the war that helped as well.

The activities of the fearless Harriet Tubman as an abolitionist are an example. For more on this subject, you can visit:

Unity and Industrial Development

The general notion is that war divides us. Well, the civil war is one of the few exceptions considering how things have turned out. America in the years after learned to accommodate ethnic differences but accept rulings by the federal government. Additionally, the years after the war saw industrial growth.


Civil war memorabilia are desired by many people. Some do this so that they can make huge gains by selling these prized possessions. Some do it so that they can derive pleasure from seeing their collection. There are other reasons as well.

Well, you should know that civil war memorabilia tell a story of how our change came at a cost. We have told that story here and hope you have learned a thing or two about our past as a nation.

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