New Year’s message from Dean Swift

'Dean Swift'The book, a compilation of selected articles from three years of is keeping us all it, mainly because the website has so many categories. Between bouts of sciatica (don’t try it yourself) and Christmas festivities, I feel a bit exhausted. We have, according to seasonal things like college terms anything between three to fifteen thousand hits per month. Especially pleasing are the thousands of Comments, especially those from those United States of America – far more than from Europe. I very much like the precise, inquisitive and informed comments from the Rhys family.

2014 draws near. I wish the very best of Happy New Years for all the patient (and occasionally impatient) observers of this site, and welcome all rational comment, which make the continuous study and research required for a history site worthwhile.

Dean Swift.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s message from Dean Swift

  1. mary carmichael

    I have just read your article on ‘The Battenburgs and Mountbattens’. This has answered a lot of questions. I used to live in Kempston, Bedfordshire, (in the shadow of Kempston Barracks). The first two streets in Kempston were named Beatrice Street and Battenburg Street but WW1 ‘Battenburg’ quickly became renamed as Marne Street – after the Battle of Marne. Thanks for explaining the full history.


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