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Right, Left and Right again

Norway, a small rich country of some six million inhabitants, was among the worst sufferers of Nazi invasion and subsequent occupation during the Second World War. Larger, more populous northern states like Finland, Sweden and Denmark are, or were, more newsworthy because the Norwegians simply got on with their lives, worked and played hard, enjoyed their capital city (a brilliant gem set among other brilliants called Oslo), enjoyed a mild Protestantism, and minded their own business.

All the more strange therefore that a young man professing Masonic and Christian associations, owner of his own business, given to dressing up in quasi-military uniforms, deeply critical of what he sees as a European weakness for massive Muslim immigration, should take up his armaments and assassinate almost everybody in a Young Socialist encampment on a beautiful island.

Even more strange is that when arrested and charged, the young man should admit the homicides, but declare they were committed ‘to defend Europe, beleaguered by radical Moslems’. “Eurabia”, he claims on the Internet, is being created by European countries, and that it is a difficult agenda to explain.

I would be the first to admit that ‘The News’ is every day more difficult to understand or swallow. (a) The Spanish Government directly aids a radical, murderous terrorist organisation called ETA by allowing its representatives into principal town halls and northern Community parliaments, expecting at the same time that the Spanish taxpayer should pay their salaries: (b) we are told that the United States is about to declare its inability to pay its debts: (c) in Britain a decent but weakened Prime Minister is in danger of being toppled because years ago he hired a journalist working for Rupert Murdoch as his press secretary: (d) also in Britain we find a person like Rebeccah Brooks (née Wade) as managing director of Murdoch’s communications empire. It was in her manifestation as Wade who drummed up a storm a few years ago by declaring that the paper she then edited (the News of the World) would print on its front page the names and details of every person of either sex in the UK who had been accused of paedophilia. It did not matter if the accused person had been absolved completely by the courts of this horrible perversion. She did not care if that person’s life, career, marriage, children and grandchildren were thus ruined by the printing of their name on the front page when even if they had been found innocent. One is forced to ask why and how it was that Murdoch thought it a good idea to place such a creature in a high position in his corporation: (e) we learn in a press conference in London after he had talked with David Cameron that Mr. R. Zapatero is of the opinion that all terrorism, from whatever provenance, must be stamped out. Of course. But we also know that it is Zapatero’s government that has been in close contact with the terrorists of ETA for at least seven years, and that it was the Spanish Constitutional Court under the orders of the Minister of Justice that opened the doors of governmental institutions to ETA’s chosen representatives – now mayor and councillors, for example, in San Sebastian.

But do we learn? Do we want to learn? Have we learned anything? There should never be dialogue with fundamentalists or nationalists, no negotiation, no contact, no fireside chats. They are fierce creatures who will never change their spots. Call them extreme left-wingers, or extreme right-wingers, or Al Quaeda or ETA or the IRA or the Ku Klux Klan or The Followers of Jeremy Paxton.

This young mass murderer is not mad. He believes he is a chosen instrument of vengeance against governments which have allowed Muslims open immigration. He is a monster out of the worst kind of vulgar TV drama. And he is a product of the insane epoch we live in and are horrified by.

In Spain, by the way, the PSOE’s candidate at the next general election chose to use the Norwegian nightmare as a political tool. Referring to the island massacre, Rubalcaba said that ‘we (the socialists) know what it is to be hated.’ One must not be tempted to be dazzled by the extraordinary malevolence of this man. He refers, as we all knew, to the fact that there is an opposition party in Spain that does not agree with Rubalcaba, and says so on frequent occasions. This is the ‘hatred’ Rubalcaba describes. Only Shakespeare could have invented a man like this.

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