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509, 2015

Four revolutions of 1848

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Gen. Moritz Karl Ernest von Prittwitz / wikiwand.com Revolutions are a regular feature in all history, human nature being what it is. The careful student can probably find a revolution of some kind [...]

1908, 2015


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/ elrobotpescador.com After Federal Germany’s entry into the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) in May, 1955, the Federal German Armed Forces came into being under the name Bundeswehr. At first, it consisted of [...]

1407, 2015

The ‘White Terror’

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Jean Cottereau, leader of the ‘Chouans’ / en wikipedia.org It is a common misconception that the French Revolution (q.v.), the ‘Terror’ and the fall of Robespierre and other leading Jacobins, led immediately to [...]