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Humour on Tuesday

Here is a little story that some might find a bit racist, but these jokes are or are not racist according to one’s nationality. I like this joke for its subtlety:

 Four businessmen sat in a fast-moving train crossing Europe. It was high summer and the compartment was sweaty hot, so they had the window open. After a while, the Englishman lifted down his brief case and took from it a huge sarny sandwich wrapped in grease-proof paper. He took a small bite, and threw the rest out of the window, saying, “There’s plenty more of them where I come from!” The others smiled. Typical English, they thought. Then the Turk brought down his suitcase, opened it, and took out a beautifully baked lamb pie. He took a bite and threw the rest out of the window. “There’s plenty more of that where I come from!” he said proudly. The others nodded.  Then the Spaniard searched his travelling bag and brought out a foot-long chorizo from Galicia, smelling wonderful. He produced a very sharp, silver-plated knife, cut off half an inch off the chorizo, put it in his mouth and threw the rest out of the window. “There are kilometres of that where I come from,” he smiled, and the others grinned as well. Then the German reached into his brief case and brought out the most succulent length of bratwurst you have ever seen, bit off a half-centimetre, and threw the Turk out of the window. “There’s plenty more of them vere I come from!” he said.

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