Missing or misdirected: $13,000 million for Haiti


Only two years after the catastrophic earthquake that almost destroyed the island of Haiti, killing many (200,000 is one estimate) and leaving more homeless, it would not be incorrect to ask what has happened to the huge sums of money raised by international organisations and private donors to finance the recovery of the island.
After the earthquake / bortin.com

After the earthquake / bortin.com

We know that no new roads are built; that towns, villages, churches (including the capital’s cathedral), houses and apartment blocks are still in a state of decaying ruin; that the island’s electric supply is non-existent; that no jobs have been created; that ruins of hospitals work as best they can without doctors. What we do not know is the resting place of the ten thousand million dollars promised by official donors (ONGs), plus three thousand million dollars provided by private donors from the United States and Europe. Where are these $13,000 million? We also know that the greater part (perhaps 90%) of these monies never arrived at their destination.

Does anyone know what happened to these huge sums? Did dollars ever leave the ONGs that supposedly raised them? What do the private donors think about successfully avoiding taxation by becoming a donor to Haiti, if they are told their cash never got there?

Is it just possible that the very organisations which raised the money are managed by brain-dead committees which continually make camels supposed to be horses? What about the people of Haiti who through no fault of their own suffered an almost exact equivalent to Hiroshima? Though, come to think of it, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were rebuilt in a flash. Most of Haiti’s population is still homeless two years after the cataclysm.

Is there someone out there who can explain where those thirteen thousand million dollars are? Maybe no-one cares.

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