Abdication of the Spanish King

Today he becomes King Philip VI of Spain / en.wikipedia.org

Today he becomes King Philip VI of Spain / en.wikipedia.org

Don Juan Carlos was destined by General Franco to become Juan Carlos I, King of Spain, moving aside for political reasons his father, the Count of Barcelona, son of King Alfonso XIII. When Juan Carlos became king cynics called him ‘ElBreve’, or ‘The Brief’ but that was senseless and cruel and inaccurate, because he has just abdicated at the age of seventy-six, after reigning discreetly and well for thirty-nine years. His son The Prince of Asturias, married to the Princess Letizia (they have two fine daughters) will today become Felipe VI.

   Those are the details: but do the Spanish people want a continued monarchy or a third Republic? Some newspapers claim that ‘a huge majority’ of Spaniards prefer a republic. A recently conducted official poll denies this, with a result of less than one percent opting for a republic. We must assume therefore that for official purposes ninety-nine percent of the population wish for a continued monarchy.

   It’s a free country; I do not understand why that one percent should be allowed to cause big trouble – riots, sit-ins, circling the Congress in a menacing manner etc., when all the opponents of monarchy have to do is pack their bags and move into a republic of their own, if they cannot bear the idea of having a king as Head of State. There are two fabulous republics within taxi-ing distance – France and Germany, both with Presidents as Head of State. Why should ninety-nine percent of Spanish people have to put up with the tantrums of a handful of spoiled troublemakers?

   Modern constitutional monarchy means a head of public relations with a crown. The only commitment is to advise ministers. The Queen of Great Britain has managed well enough for more than sixty years. Neither Elizabeth nor Juan Carlos can close Parliament and dismiss the Government, as they once could, even if said government is a sardine can full of corruption. So why the republicanism? Is it in the blood? Were you told by early teachers that kings and queens are not to be tolerated? Are presidents of republics any better? The Second Spanish Republic distinguished itself by giving Russia ALL its gold! A perfect example to follow. Perhaps, if the Spanish monarchy is dissolved by the anarchists they can arrange to give China the whole of Cataluña instead of gold. That would make a wonderful present, and kill two birds with stone, as ‘la inmensa majoría’ of Spanish people are heartily fed up with the continuous machinations of power-mad little men like Art Más y Más who even makes staged entrances to the waiting microphones through double doors opened by flunkeys, as if he were President of the United States instead of a small part of Spain.

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