A second message from Dean Swift

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A second message from Dean Swift

I am greatly indebted to Dr. M, an acquaintance, for using his eagle eye to spot a superfluous ‘of’’ in a line occurring in one of my posts. I suspect it was an impertinent and ambitious ‘of’, escaped from an English lexicon, and managing to insert itself, like a leech, beneath the skin of my article.

In spite of careful re-reading, essential corrections etc., these editorial corruptions continue to crop up, and we apologise for them. We hope this does not happen often, but if it does, there will always be sharp-eyed observers, like Dr. M., to point out the mistakes, not without an adequate supply of glee.

Love to everyone who loves General-History.com


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‘Dean Swift’ is a pen name: the author has been a soldier; he has worked in sales, TV, the making of films, as a teacher of English and history and a journalist. He is married with three grown-up children. They live in Spain.

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